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Exhibits can be created from the following components for venues from 2,500 to 10,000 sq. ft.


            Full-sized Skeletons and Fleshed-out Dinosaurs include:

          Giganotosaurus - full-size skeleton, 46' largest carnivore ever found (only 5 castings in the world)

          Chasmosaurus - full-size skeleton, 18'

          Allosaurus - full-size skeleton, 29' stalking Stegosaurus

          Stegosaurus - full-size skeleton, 20' in predator/prey stand-off with Allosaurus

          Pteranodon - full-size skeleton in walking position, 24' wing span - on nest with eggs

          Two Dsungaripterus - full-size skeletons in flying position, 11' wing spans

          Full-size skulls: Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops

          Protoceratops - full-size skeleton, 7'

          Zuni Coelurosaur - full-size skeleton (newly discovered, New Mexico), 8'

          Oviraptor - full-size skeleton (guarding egg nest), 6'6"

          Life-size Oviraptor, fleshed-out, attacking lizard

          Permian Texas diorama (to depict life before the dinosaurs): Dimetrodon (12') & Eryops (5') - full-size skeletons in a stand-off position along with fleshed-out Diplocaulus and Seymouria

          Stygimoloch - full-size skeleton, running position, 12'

          Pack of 5 hunting fleshed-out Compsognathus (small carnivorous dinosaurs) chasing lizards

          Coelophysis, fleshed-out, life-size

          Velociraptor, fleshed-out, life-size in attack run

          Archaeopteryx, two fleshed-out, bickering in tree

          Pterosaurs, several differerent fleshed-out sizes, flying

          Convergent evolution comparison featuring fleshed-out Spinosaurus and Dimetrodon

          Longisquama, Lagosuchus, Henodus, and many small & mid-sized dinosaurs

          Alphadon, Zalambdalestes, Harimaya and Crusafontia -“Can you find me?”graphic/reader to challenge visitors to find these small mammals in the exhibit (a real challenge)

          65 various Jurassic and Cretaceous lizards, snakes, insects and mammals in action poses


  Elasmosaur - full-size skeleton, 42', displayed flying (optional depending upon exhibit size)


  Kronosaurus - 21' fleshed-out, displayed flying (optional depending upon exhibit size)


            Fleshed-out Moving Dinosaurs include:  (No compressors required - dinosaurs operate on quiet, electrical internal motors)

          20' moving roaring Talarurus dinosaur (ankylosaur), life-size

          16' moving roaring Dilophosaurus, life-size, attacking fleshed-out Scutellosaurus

          27' moving, roaring Parasaurolophus guarding egg nest

          10' moving, roaring Deinonychus raptor - (See interactives below)                                     


            Educational Touch Stations include:    (Others available depending upon size of venue)

          Hands-on: Giant Argentinosaurus vertebra, largest vertebra ever found, 6' tall and 6' femur from Apatosaurus (both are giant touch stations)

          5 Carnivorous dinosaur teeth comparison touch station on reader board

          Giganotosaurus vertebra touch station on reader board

          Stegoceras (bone-head) skull touch station on reader board

          Large authentic petrified wood stump to touch, 200 million years old



            Children’s Interactive Stations include:    (Others available depending upon size of venue)

          Deinonychus raptor, 10' with five push button panel which allows the visitor to control sound and movement of raptor parts (jaw with sound, arms, neck, claws & tail). *Big favorite

          Simulated rock dig sites (two available), 8' x 12' or 13' x 18', visitors unearth large fossils attached to floor of dig site - dig material is clean, brown rubber mulch

          BoneYard, 13' x 17', simulated rock area with giant floor puzzles and cave. Children and families work together assembling these skeleton puzzles.

          Stand-up dinosaur puzzle two sided, 8' long (large wooden pieces to assemble on both sides - skeleton on one side and fleshed out on other)

          Dinosaur photo spot, triceratops

          Rub station with four dinosaur images for children to “draw” their own dinosaur

          Magnetic create your own dinosaur table station to stimulate the children’s imagination

          Dinosaur spinner game - visitors view nine skulls and try to guess which creature they belong to, visitors can “spin” each 12" x12" panel to see the answer in form of a fleshed-out dinosaur. This hands-on also includes a full size T. rex footprint so visitor can compare the size of their feet to T. rex.

          Parasaurolophus skull station, built to scale - visitor presses a bellows causing air to rush through a simulated resonation chamber which causes “honking” sound simulating the sound of Parasaurolophus


            Exhibit Accessories:    (Other accessories available depending upon size of venue)

          Volcano, 10' x 14', for realistic special effects to exhibit (simulated fire)

          Authentic fossils (housed in two 8' tall oak cases) including an authentic dinosaur egg nest with embryo & CAT scan (showing inside of egg), various species of dinosaur eggs, authentic dinosaur teeth, claws & horns

          Educational dinosaur video loop for guests to view, enclosed in oak cabinet and includes bench seating (simulated rock benches)

          Hundreds of plants and full size silk trees for real life effect

          Ground cover with natural looking ferns, rocks and boulders (hides all metal stands on dinosaurs)

          Large rocks and boulders for real life effect

          Educational readers for all specimens including full-color graphics

          Custom made security stantions made of solid oak to match fossil cases, stantions tastefully secure complete exhibit

          Complete educators’ kit including audio CD for real life sound effects in Jurassic jungle



Exhibits may be created from the components above for venues from 2,500 to 10,000 sq. ft.

Quoted prices for all exhibits include inbound and outbound shipping and all set-up and breakdown.